All Our Physiotherapists are HCPC registered.


36A Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 2AA

If you need a physiotherapist in Berkhamsted, visit Berkhamsted Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic.


Our qualified and experienced physiotherapists can help with a wide range of problems, from musculoskeletal issues, sports injuries, young or old, to post surgery rehabilitation, recovery and return to normal activity.


Obviously based on assessment and your individual needs.

We can use:


Manual Therapy  

Hands on treatment, including joint mobilisation and manipulation, soft tissue work, massage, trigger point, myofascial release and stretches.



Individual programmes to resolve and prevent symptoms

Core stability and rehab based on solid biomechanical understanding.

Post op rehabilitation



Clinical Pilates

Individual assessment by specialist registered Physiotherapist accredited with APPI.

Treatment and prevention for spinal and other muscle and joint symptoms.

One to one and small classes based on individual need.



Kinesiotaping can be used in all stages of injury, to facilitate desired movement and inhibit unwanted muscle activity, support, offload structures and ease symptoms. Used in Sport and everyday


Traditional taping.

Zinc Oxide, E.A.B. for sport and day to day



Ultrasound, TENS, Interferential, used to reduce pain and enhance your bodies healing processes    


Chest Physiotherapy

Sputum clearance techniques for ongoing cough. Breathing exercises for breathlessness at rest and on activity. Specialist exercise programmes for those limited by breathlessness.


Mobility & Balance

Exercise programmes for those whose mobility is reduced after an illness, surgery or as you have aged.

Individualised exercise programmes to improve balance, for those who suffer from falls or are unsteady on their feet.

For those whose mobility limits them from visiting the Physiotherapy practice, we are able to offer home visits.


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Physiotherapy in Hertfordshire with your local team


Our assessments are a minimum of 45 minutes and include a thorough conversation as to your problems, symptoms and relevant activity, lifestyle, medical and physical issues. We will then examine you, to understand why you have your symptoms and indeed what your symptoms are, the effect they are having and how you can overcome them.




Deep tissue massage that combines soft tissue release and muscular energy techniques to help release stress and tension within the muscles and relieve aches and pains. Can be used to treat specific problems or as a whole body treatment. 

Sports Massage Therapy

RJ Fitness & Massage

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Other Services


For those whose mobility prevents them from visiting the practice, we offer home visits.


Home Visits

Registered with all major insurance companies.