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Conditions Treated by Berkhamsted Physiotherapy And Sports Injury Clinic

Neck & Back Problems

Pain, stiffness, muscle and joint problems, Sciatica, Disc prolapse, Degenerative and postural problems, pre & post-operative treatment and rehabilitation, whiplash, referred leg and arm pain. Sacro-Iliac joint and Pelvis conditions.


Shoulder, Elbow, wrist and Hand

Pain on movement and rest, rotator cuff, Frozen Shoulder, shoulder instability, impingement, Acromio clavicular joint, Tennis and golfers elbow, arthritis, nerve related symptoms, carpal tunnel, postural related problems, repetitive strain, Post fracture and surgery.


Hip and Pelvis

Sacro- Iliac joint, impingement, bursitis, arthritis, groin and muscle strain, children’s sports injuries around the hip. Post fracture and total hip replacement



Ligament sprains and ruptures, cartilage and meniscal injuries, non surgical and post operative management. Pre and post op. Illio tibial band ( ITB ), knee cap or patella issues in adults and children, Osgood Schlatters, Sinding Larsen Johansen, growing issues. Osteoarthritis, pre and post  surgery


Foot, Ankle, Calf and Shin 

Shin pain, foot and ankle pain.

Calf tears, Achilles tears, tendinopathy, plantarfasciitis. Ankle sprains, ligament tears, instability, post fracture. Severs in children and growth issues.


Sports Injuries

Acute injury or long term problems that just won’t go, keep happening or even just niggle on and off, biomechanical or training issues


Children & Adolescents Sports Injuries

Children are not just mini adults, they have injuries or symptoms as a developing skeleton grows that are unique but they also suffer from sports injuries, trauma and biomechanical issues as do we all.


Chest / Breathing Problems 

Bronchiectasis, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Hyperventilation,

Cough, breathlessness.


Mobility & Balance

Reduced mobility post surgery, illness or gradual deterioration in balance, mobility & walking.


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